Rat Traps that Work

In case you are experiencing a full-blown rat infestation, you have various methods to choose from to control their population. One of the most popular choices would be trapping. The traps that are sold in the market today have different designs and mechanism. With so many traps to choose from, picking the right one for your situation may vary. In this article, we will discuss the common type of traps that will help you reach a better decision.

Different Types of Gainesville Rat Traps
From the modern electronic traps to the conventional snap traps, the best rat trap will depend upon your preference and situation. Remember that in some cases, the efficacy of the trap will depend upon the placement and the bait. Here are some of the most effective types of rat traps.

Snap Trap
This is probably the simplest and oldest type of rat trap. Our parents are using them when there are no other available traps in the market. The principle behind the mechanism of the snap traps is basic. The metal rod will be activated if there is a change in the pressure. Usually, this is only designed to capture the rat and not kill it. This can be made out of plastic, metal, or wood. Be careful when setting up the trap to avoid the sharp object of the trap. This trap is cheap but it can lead to a messy situation.

Live Traps
Live traps are often recommended by professional wildlife removal companies. This is the type of trap that captures the creature and keeps them alive. However, this procedure will only be humane if you check the trap regularly. Furthermore, you should also add water and food inside the trap to avoid the animal from dying from starvation or dehydration. In case you are against the killing of the Florida rats and you just want to relocate them, this is your ideal choice. You should relocate them 200 feet away from your property. This is also the best choice if you have pets and kids in your house since it will not expose them to any danger.

Glue Traps
This is probably the worse type of traps to capture the Gainesville rat. They are affordable but the rats will suffer before they die. When the rat has been captured at night, their squeaking will wake you up and prevent you from catching a good night sleep. It will last several hours, sometimes days, before the rats die. The rats will also die from starvation and pain.

Electronic Traps
This trap will release high voltage that will instantly kill the rat. Once the rat get inside the trap, an electric current will run through their body for two minutes. The possibility of the rat escaping is very minimal.

These are some of the popular traps that are currently sold in the market. Remember that rats are cautious creatures. You need to use different types of traps when dealing with a large infestation. They will avoid your traps once they realize that something is going on.

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