Raccoon Exterminator

Raccoons will often visit the homes in the suburban and urban areas especially when their interest has been attracted by the scent of the scrap foods in our garbage can. This nuisance creature will eat anything from the insects to the bird seeds. They will climb on our roof and can access our house through the vents, chimneys, and windows. In case there are no entry points, they can rip the shingles and fascia to invade our property. Once inside our house, they can cause a significant amount of damage. To avoid this, you need to call the help of the raccoon exterminator immediately. However, you need to determine the estimate cost to make sure that it will suit your budget.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Gainesville Raccoon Exterminator
The cost of hiring the service of the raccoon exterminator will depend upon the service that they provide. Be reminded that the cost of their service does not necessarily equate to the quality of their service. There are also some companies that will offer you unnecessary service that will only increase the overall cost. To estimate the cost of hiring a raccoon exterminator, we listed some of the common services they provide.

Standard Cost
When it comes to the raccoon removal process, there is absolutely no standard cost. The cost will depend upon the complexity of your situation. Your particular situation is unique that also requires special approach. Some people will choose the company that is offering the lowest cost. However, once they notice the cost of the extra service, they will realize that they are paying more than what they expected. You will need to pay attention to the types of removal service they provide.

Trapping/Removal of the Florida Raccoon
Some wildlife organizations are not recommending the use of trapping devices due to various reasons. Most of the states prefer the use of euthanasia since their survival rate is still pretty low when you relocate them. Apart from this, trapping will only be a temporary solution for your raccoon infestation problem. After capturing and relocating them, it will not be too long until you found yourself in the similar situation. Nonetheless, there are companies that are still providing this service. The service fee and the set-up fee may range from $150-$1,000. The cost will be contingent upon the type of trap used and the number of raccoons in your house.

After the raccoon has been removed from your property, you need to decontaminate your place to ensure that your place will remain safe. The droppings of the raccoon may contain roundworm that can potentially cause life-threatening illness. The smell of their urine can also possibly attract other wildlife creatures. The thorough clean-up service will charge the insurance company with $10,000. Antimicrobial fogging can also be availed for $500.

Perhaps the best way to determine the estimated cost would be to call your local Gainesville raccoon exterminator. You should also ask for their range of services. This will help you identify if they have complete supplies and equipment to deal with your raccoon infestation issue.

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