Different Causes of Mouse Odor

Some people choose to adopt mice as pets but it can only be a wonderful pet if you have the experience and the supervision of the adult. While they will only require low maintenance, they still need attention and proper care. Compared to other small pets such as gerbils and hamsters, mice can also smell and the smell they produce will differ according to their cage and the gender of the pet. The same thing can also be said with your mice infestation. They are social creatures and they will release smell as a way of communicating with other mice.

Why Do Gainesville Mice Smell?
When you are suffering a mice infestation, one of the most neglected parts of this is that the odor of the mice will remain even after removing the mice that is causing the irritating odor. Getting rid of the odor can be a difficult task, but finding the source of the odor can increase the success of reclaiming your house from this vermin.

Urine and Droppings
The mice have a habit of urinating and defecating in various areas of our house. This will be probably one of the possible sources of the nauseating odor in your house. The droppings of the mice can accumulate as time pass by. During this time, you will notice the offensive smell of their body excrement. This is a serious health concern since the droppings of the mice can contain fungus that can cause infection. If you can smell the droppings, this means that the fungal spores are being carried through the air that you can accidentally inhale.

The Dead Mouse
The scent of the dead Gainesville mouse is different from the odor of their body excrement. To those who have experienced this in the past, they will immediately know if they have a dead mice hiding in their house. The scent will make it uncomfortable to stay in your house. The scent will persist for a few weeks if you don’t do something about this.

Getting Rid of the Florida Mice Odor
Eliminating the odor of the mice will be a time-consuming and laborious task especially if you failed to find their nest or the dead body. This can extremely be difficult to those who are using toxic chemicals and poisons. When dealing with your infestation, the use of the trapping device is recommended especially if you want to eliminate the persistent mice odor. Using poison will make it difficult for you to retrieve the body of the dead mice. This is why it is essential to understand your method of exclusion or extermination before we proceed in the elimination of the odor.

Spray applicator would be an excellent solution to get rid of the scent. You can spray on the hard-to-reach areas such as the back of your cabinet, the ventilation, under your appliances, etc. For the accessible areas, be sure that you will remove the debris that is collected by the mice. Stay on the safe side when removing the debris. Avoid infecting the areas that are being used for storage and cooking.

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