The Natural Predators of the Bats

With the combination of their eyesight and their echolocation ability, the bats will be able to avoid almost any types of obstacles. Nonetheless, this clever mammal also has natural enemies that can combat those outstanding skills. There were those who can sneak upon them that will allow them to attack the bats before they can even react. There are also others that will attack them during the daylight while they are taking a nap.

What Animals Eat Gainesville Bats?
The bats may appear to be a frightening creature, but bats will be scared on the presence of different predators. There are some places when they will be terrified by the attack of even a little bird or a fish that prey on them.

The Mammals
Different mammals will enjoy the taste of the bats. This will include the raccoons, minks, and the weasels. They will climb the roosting site of the bats and eat them during the day. Often times, they will wait outside of their roosting ground and will attack the bats as they exit or enter the cave. Remember that the bats will have to plummet down the ground when entering the cave. This is a good opportunity for the mammals to hunt them.

The Birds
Compared to the mammals, the birds have advantage on hunting the bats since they also have the flight ability. Some of these birds are hawks and owls that will grab these flying mammals using their sharp talons. You will often see this scene when the bats are leaving or entering the bat cave. When the opening of the cave is too narrow, the Gainesville bats have a tendency to group together that makes them an easy target of the predators.

Arachnids and Florida Insects
The bats will appear bigger than their actual size due to the span of their wings. Nonetheless, the actual size of the bats is actually small. For instance the small brown bat will only be around 4 inches in terms of length. This makes them pretty vulnerable against the threat of large centipedes and spiders. The centipede will crawl into the ceiling of their roosting site and will grab the body of the bat. It will first attack the head of the bat to incapacitate the poor creature. It will then start to eat the helpless creature while its body is attached on the ceiling. In the event that the centipede accidentally falls, he will continue eating the bat on the floor of the cave. Spiders on the other hand have an amazing jumping ability that enables them to easily attack the bats. Apart from the animals aforementioned in this article, the bats will also be attacked by the snakes. There are also fish that patiently wait until the bats will be close to the water before they will launch a sneak attack. The bullfrog is also using the similar method. The bats will be busy hunting for insects that they will not notice the attack of the bullfrogs and fish.

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